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base camp

The ultimate course for beginners

EUR227 EUR 75 *
  • €50 discount on FLP Pro account
  • €50 discount on the first year. The standard price is €288/year

  • automatic updates
  • 1-year access*
  • option to extend
  • Possibility to keep your membership active after the first year. 

    €3/month for base camp
    €5/month for be a pro
    €7/month for everest

    Cancellation at any time.

be a pro

Essential tools for professionals

EUR297 EUR 76 *
  • everything from base camp
  • everything form base camp

  • live Q&A sessions*
  • Q&A recordings
  • certificate


Existing & future courses

EUR327 EUR 77 *

*On sale because we created the course content using the 2020 interface. We’re currently upgrading the content and we’ll extend your 1-year access free of charge. The live Q&A sessions have been canceled during this period. We use this time to upgrade the courses.

Floorplanner Pro account €50 discount

Get your Floorplanner pro account for only €238! That’s €50 off the standard price of €288 per year. 

This discount only applies to the first year. The discount can only be purchased in combination with a paid orooloo course. The cashback applies within 4 months after purchasing the course.

So buying one of the orooloo courses is like having a coupon code for a Floorplanner account!

Bigger discounts are available for Floorplanner Team accounts, Floorplanner Business accounts and Floorplanner Enterprise accounts.

The benefits of a Floorplanner Pro account.

Compared with a basic or plus account. For real estate marketers. For interior designers.

Future Floorplanner courses

coming soon

Floorplanner | denali

Perfect interior renderings

Give it a try!

Get the first lessons free.
No credit card required.
Instant start. Enjoy!

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"This course has a clear, practical, and logical structure."
Auke de Haan (the Netherlands)
Purchased Everest

FAQ orooloo & Floorplanner

General questions

Floorplanner is an easy-to-use floor plan editor. It is suitable for anyone who feels no need to learn how or wants to work with the advanced, often expensive 3D CAD software. Because it’s a platform, you don’t need to download any software or install plugins. All you have to do is log in, which you can do with Facebook or Gmail.

The strength of Floorplanner is that you can draw and export 2D and 3D floor plans within a short time. Or create stunning visualizations from any device.

Check out the examples in our Gallery.

Floorplanner floor plans are floor plans created using the Floorplanner platform. This platform is a lightweight editor where you can create 2D and 3D floor plans and visualizations in no time.

Floorplanner has various export options to display the floor plans to your customers.

Check out the possibilities.

Architectural drawings are often black lines on a white surface. Now that everyone is used to visualizations (3D) and no longer to flat drawings (2D), it is increasingly difficult for our brains to imagine a space if it has been visualized as a construction drawing.

Floorplanner helps our imagination with colored 2D and 3D floor plans. These floor plans are much more user-friendly than the floor plans on construction drawings.

As a starting stylist, it is helpful to start with Floorplanner. Floorplanner is much easier to learn than SketchUp so you can serve your clients much faster. Floorplanner is also cheaper. Later on, you can add SketchUp to your skills.

Sketchup is strong in custom projects. You can draw anything using it. Think of custom cabinets or steel frames in precisely that one color. Floorplanner cannot do that. So for customization, you want SketchUp.

Both drawing programs have their strengths. Why not combine the speed of Floorplanner with the detailing of SketchUp? You can use Floorplanner to devise your plan: moving furniture around, playing with color combinations, and moving walls. With Floorplanner, you have an excellent quick product to show your customer. You can switch to Sketchup for an interior project with custom products.

No. This is why we love Floorplanner so much at orooloo.

Just sign up with your email address and you’re ready to start drafting. Floorplanner is an online tool that works in every modern web browser.

We accept payments via Stripe. This also includes credit cards.

We calculate sales tax (VAT) based on your billing address.

Consumers & companies in EU countries
As a European company, we’re obliged to charge sales tax (VAT) on every purchase. Read more about EU VAT rules.

However, you can enter your company’s EU VAT number on check-out. Once validated, we don’t apply VAT.

We apply 21% VAT on all invoices to Dutch consumers and companies. Visit the Belastingdienst website for more information about Dutch VAT.

Consumers & companies in non-EU counties
We apply 0% VAT on all invoices to consumers and companies in non-EU countries.

Course related questions

The strength of taking a Floorplanner course is that we teach you how to tailor constructions. We will do so in one hour. Teaching yourself this often takes a lot more time and frustration.

You can take our course in a day or two and then get started. Or you will try to figure it out yourself in three weeks. Both are possible, but the first choice is much more targeted and requires less self-discipline.

You can outsource drawing Floorplanner floor plans. However, it is important that you know what this floorplan editor can do and that you can make quick adjustments yourself. Your customer always wanted your stuff yesterday, so waiting 24 hours for a third-party correction wastes your time.

Yes. You can sign up for free trial lessons on the homepage. You’ll get instant access.

You can follow almost the whole of the Floorplanner | base camp course with a Floorplanner basic account. This account is free.

You’ll need a Floorplanner pro account for the Floorplanner | pro tools course.  

We gave all the courses and package deals mountain-related names.

Course names: Base camp, Pro tools, Shira, Denali
Package deals: Base camp, Be a Pro, and Everest

The Base camp package deal only includes the Base camp course. With this package, you learn to draw in 2D and 3D. It’s a comprehensive course that teaches you all Floorplanner essentials. This package is suitable for interior designers and real estate professionals.

The Be a Pro package deal includes the Base camp and Pro tools courses. The Pro tools course is for real estate professionals who are, for example, going to draw for realtors. To deliver your exports fast, you need to know how to use the preset options in Floorplanner. You will also learn more about drawing roofs in 3D (dormers). A must-have for real estate professionals. And you get a 50% discount on the Floorplanner Pro account.

Everest is the ultimate package deal. This includes all current and future Floorplanner courses we have on offer. For the time being, these courses are Base camp, Pro tools, and Shira. Shira is highly recommended to real estate professionals. You learn great tricks to draw faster. And you get a 50% discount on the Floorplanner Pro account.

We are currently developing the Denali course for interior and real estate professionals. In this course, we teach you how to make beautiful renderings. We consider this to be the future in real estate marketing.

No. We’ll show you how to create a new account in the Floorplanner | base camp course.

The Floorplanner | base camp course is designed for practising almost anything involved in a Level I project (a free project).

If you’re working on a Level II project  (HD project), you can …

  1. Upgrade your project by buying two credits.
  2. Upgrade to a paid account.
  3. Skip the assignment.

You’ll need a Floorplanner pro account for the Floorplanner | pro tools course.

You get access to the active courses and the unreleased courses we’ll be selling in the future.

We’ll upgrade your account whenever a new course is released.

Yes. We’ve prepared a comprehensive FAQ section in the learning environment. Chances are your question’s already there.

With the ‘be a pro’ and ‘everest’ packages, you also get access to the live Q&A sessions. You can ask your questions there.

For now, it’s only in English.

Floorplanner accounts

Subscribe to a Floorplanner Pro account if you deliver several projects a week to real estate agents. A Floorplanner Pro account has features that allow you to draw faster and deliver professional-looking products. For more information, read this first: Floorplanner free versus pro account.

You get a €50 cashback on a yearly Floorplanner Pro account if you purchase an orooloo course. Buy a course, show that you purchased a yearly account and we pay you back the €50.

Purchase a yearly Floorplanner Team account, you get € xxx cashback.
Purchase a yearly Floorplanner Business account, you get € xxx cashback.
Purchase a yearly Floorplanner Enterprise account, you get € xxx cashback.

If you want that, please email

Who can apply for a Floorplanner Pro account at Bonstaete?

  • If you still need an annual Floorplanner Pro account.
  • If you have a Floorplanner Free or Plus account.
  • If you have a monthly Floorplanner Plus or Floorplanner Pro subscription.
  1. You purchase an orooloo course.
  2. You purchase a yearly Pro, Team, Business or Enterprise account.
  3. Show us the Floorplanner purchase, together with your bank account details.
  4. We transfer the money.

You do not need a coupon code or a discount code to purchase a  Floorplanner Pro account. 

You get a €50 cashback on a yearly Floorplanner Pro account if you purchase an orooloo course. Buy a course, show that you purchased a yearly account and we pay you back the €50.

Purchase a yearly Floorplanner Team account, you get € xxx cashback.
Purchase a yearly Floorplanner Business account, you get € xxx cashback.
Purchase a yearly Floorplanner Enterprise account, you get € xxx cashback.

If you want to discount, please email

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