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This course is for anyone who wants to provide their clients with professional floor plans and 3D renders, using Floorplanner.

This training is useful for anyone who has little or no experience with drawing in Floorplanner.


For example, real estate agents, interior architects, interior designers, interior stylists, staging stylists, real estate stylists, back-office employees of real estate agencies, real estate photographers, real estate marketers, employees of office & home furniture shops, architects, building engineers.

The perfect in-depth follow-up to Floorplanner | base camp

Learn all the essentials for providing a fast and professional service

Course content in detail >>

You’ll learn …

  • how to use the Floorplanner tools to present your products professionally
  • how to develop advanced 3D skills
  • how to draft faster

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Tools to promote yourself as a professional company.

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Get an official certificate!

This shows that you put in the effort to learn Floorplanner and have mastered the skills to draft professionally.

Course content in detail

+ Using the dashboard | pro

  • creating useful templates
  • creating room type sets that work for you

  • learning the differences in quality for SD, HD & photorealistic rendering
  • compare pictures
  • embedding projects in a website
  • creating a presentation – step-by-step plan & how-to video


+ 3D drafting | pro

  • drafting ascending & descending stairways
  • creating entrances & archways
  • inserting glass walls


+ 3D roofs | pro

  • placing a dormer on a sloping roof
  • drafting horizontally cross-sectioned roofs
  • creating roof overhangs


+ Speeding up

  • learning essential tips & tricks for drafting faster – because time is money

Follow your dreams.

Get the skills.

Be a pro.

Become a professional Floorplanner designer

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