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What does an iGuide look like?

An iGuide consists of several parts:

  • 3d tour with an accompanying map
  • photos
  • video
  • details consisting of measurements per room and floor area
  • area map

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Use the discount code BONNIE5FREE when buying an iGuide.

The discount code offers you 5 free iGuides with a maximum size of 3000 square feet. They are valid for 60 days. Perfect to practice with your new gadget!

5 free iGuides equals a discount of about US$ 420!

What does an iGuide virtual tour look like?

Click the image to go to the 3d tour of the iGuide.

Enter the discount code on the iGuide site and get 5 free projects valued at US$ 420.

The iGuide photo gallery

The iGuide camera can take pictures, but they are not as good as those of a real estate photographer. You can display your photos in this section.

Click the image to go to the iGuide gallery section.

Video options in iGuide

You can showcase your videos in this section. 

Click the image to go to the iGuide video section.

Enter the discount code on the iGuide site and get 5 free projects valued at US$ 420.

The area map in iGuide


Add your brand to every iGuide presentation

The iGuide is a complete real estate presentation, perfect for your social media accounts.
If people are interested, they can quickly contact you by using the displayed social media icons.

Enter the discount code on the iGuide site and get 5 free projects valued at US$ 420.

Measurements and floor area information in iGuide

A great thing about the iGuide is that it indicates the dimensions per room as well as the interior and exterior areas of your project.

Floorplanner and iGuide

iGuide floor plans can be exported to Floorplanner floor plans. This saves you a lot of time.

On request, iGuide converts the iGuide floor plans into a Floorplanner project. You can do so in a few clicks. iGuide converts the floorplans directly into your Floorplanner account. A level 1 project (0 credits) will be created for Free and Plus accounts. A level 2 project (2 credits) will be created for all other accounts. So if you do not have any credits, a level 1 project will be created. 

From 2d iGuide floor plans to 3d Floorplanner floor plans
The floor plan conversion from 2d to 3d uses fixed default values for ceiling height, shapes of windows and other objects, height and elevation above the floor. Due to the complexity of the floor plan conversion between the two systems, non-standard stairs may be skipped, and other minor elements may get lost in translation. You can make the desired corrections in the Floorplanner editor after the conversion. iGuide and Floorplanner are working on these issues.


Enter the discount code on the iGuide site and get 5 free projects valued at US$ 420.

The benefits of iGuide

The iGuide takes over the sketches on paper from you. It allows the images to match precisely, resulting in a perfect map. You can’t make mistakes here, which is very useful for complex floor plans. Using an iGuide likely is much faster than you sketching by hand.

The iGuide can also deliver your floor plans in Floorplanner format. This will save time.

The iGuide makes you faster when it comes to measuring rooms.
The iGuide is more accurate than manual sketching.
The iGuide floor plans can be converted to Floorplanner floor plans.
The iGuide offers a 3D tour with a convenient map showing in which room you are.


Is orooloo a supplier of iGuide?
No, we only tell you about it. If you are interested, you can purchase it directly from the iGuide site.

Are there any import duties?
Countries in the European Union: no import duties.
United States: no import duties.
UK and Australia: answer follows later.

What is the VAT charged?
The Netherlands: 21% VAT is charged on the products and services of iGuide.
United States: no VAT.
Other countries: answer follows later.

What file format does iGuide use?
The virtual tour is provided in HTML format. The iGuide floor plans are available in PDF, JPEG, SVG, and DXF. You will get your converted Floorplanner floor plans as Floorplanner projects. Depending on your type of Floorplanner account, it will cost 0 or 2 credits.

Enter the discount code on the iGuide site and get 5 free projects valued at US$ 420.

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