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Which devices to use?
Mac or Android? Which browsers?
your courses page
Redesign for Floorplanner
Roadmap from old UI to new UI 2021
Do I need a paid subscription?
need to knowstart
How to register
How to sign in
need to dostart
A short tour around the dashboarddashboard | the highlightsdashboard
How to start a new project
How to empty the canvas/working area
Back to the dashboard
What is an FML file
How to start a project with an FML file
Choosing a project title
start a new projectstart a project
Overview of the editor
What is the orbital mode?
What is a walkthrough mode?
How to switch between 2D and 3D
Display styles
showing you around in the editorhow to set the editor
Zoom and pan in 2D
Zoom, pan, and move in 3D – orbital mode
Zoom, pan and move in 3D – walkthrough mode
2D view settings
3D view settings
how to set the best canvas viewshow to set the editor
How to set the editor before you start drawing
Wall height and wall thickness
basic settingshow to set the editor
How to draw a room in different ways
The draw room tool
The draw wall tool
Metric system notation
Imperial system notation
Resizing a room using its dimension lines
drawing rooms & walls 1
drawing rooms & walls 2
drawing rooms using the draw wall tool
draw 2d
How to move walls and wall corners
How to create curved walls
Create wall segments by using split points
Remove split points
shaping the roomdraw 2d
Drawing indoor spaces
How to change the wall thickness
Drawing indoor spaces using the DRAW ROOM tool
Drawing indoor spaces using the DRAW WALL tool
construction of the inner wallsdraw 2d
How to draw surfaces
How to edit surfaces
How to copy and mirror surfaces
drawing surfacesdraw 2d
What are floors
How to edit floors
Rename a floor
Duplicate a floor
How to adjust the height of the floor
Add a new floor
Delete a floor
Empty a floor
How to change the floor order
What are designs
How to edit designs
Rename a design
Duplicate a design
How to create an empty design
Rotate and mirror the design
How to make a design default (the published one)
Delete a design
What is a pivot
How to restore designs, where are my backups?
floors & designsdraw 2d
Placing doors, windows and other structural units
What is raise from floor
How to find similar items
structural units | basicsdraw 2d
Labels versus roomtypes
When do you use the place label tool?
How to use room types
Change a room type name
Display the area per room automatically
Customize the appearance of the room type labels
Place and edit text
Symbols and sign
Draw and edit lines
Generated dimension lines
Delete generated dimension lines
Draw manual dimension lines
Delete manual dimension lines
Draw oblique dimensions
information in your plandraw 2d
The materials menu
Painting the floors
Changing the floor finish
How to choose every color you wish
Using patterns in your plans
Painting the walls
Finishing the floors and walls with materials
Edit materials
Search for materials
Re-use finishes
finishing the floors and wallsmaking it a home
How to furnish your room
How to search in the library
How to edit library elements
Turning lights on and off
Automate the furnishing and finishing of a room
What is magic layout
How to use magic layout
Where to find furniture collections (roomstyles)
furnituremaking it a home
Adjusting wall heights
Creating sloping walls
Raising surfaces
Creating sloping surfaces
3D basicsdraw 3d
Two methods of drawing roofs
Drawing a roof using the surface tool
Drawing a roof using library elements
3d roofs basicsdraw 3d
Where to edit the project settings
Project levels
How to change the project name
What is spaceplanner
What is collaborate
What to find the embed code
Download the FML file
project settingsend results
Difference between Quick export en export 2D image.
Where to find the export menus
Where to find your exports
Export in 2D image settings
Quick export settings
Export in 3D settings
How to export 3D images, artist impressions
How to set camera views
How make a fly through from view to view
exports and rendersend results
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