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Project settings

Where to find the project settings in the work field

Project level

This shows your current project level. Selecting the PROJECT LEVEL button lets you upgrade the project to higher levels.

Project name

If you wish, you can change the project name here. All the names of corresponding exports will change accordingly.


Only visible for level III and up.

This is a given url you can copy-paste to the url area of a new tab in your browser.

The viewer lets you view your project interactively.

Spaceplanner additionally lets you add change floor and wall finishes and furnishing. This does not require a Floorplanner account. After you have adjusted your floor plan, you can save and send it. The original floor plan remains unchanged.

Embed code

With the embed code, you can embed your project on your website. Just copy and paste it. It’s a one-minute job. Only the viewer code is given here. For the spaceplanner embed code, go to dashboard > projects > select the three blue dots in the right corner of your project > select share.


This option offers someone else the possibility to edit this project during the following 14 days. In the editor, this person will get full control of the project. The original project is updated every time this person saves changes. This person doesn’t need a Floorplanner account.


Save the fml file of your project as a backup before sharing the collaboration link.

Download FML

Only possible for level II and up. The fml file of a project allows you to place the interactive project on real estate platforms. You can also use an fml file as a local backup of your project. You can only open it using Floorplanner.

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