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Need to know

Floorplanner has a new redesign

A lot has changed. But 99% of it is only the user interface (UI). This means the buttons have another look and placement. The tools work the same.

In the coming months, the orooloo team will replace all content with this new user interface. For now, we have made a roadmap. This roadmap will help you find the tools and buttons we refer to in the videos.

One-click or double-click

Floorplanner has added a new feature. Double-clicking directly enters the settings of that element in the sidebar. When prompted in all videos to ‘select’ or ‘click’ an item, click the item once.

Do I need a paid subscription for this course?

You can follow this course using a basic account. A basic account is free. You can participate in almost all parts of this course without a paid subscription. With both a basic and a paid account, you work in the same Floorplanner editor, and you have access to the same library.

For some lessons – creating multiple floors, export and publication options – you need an upgraded account or upgraded project. This is only required if you want to do the exercises. In this case, you will get a notification. No upgrades are necessary right now.

It is possible to upgrade a single project. Once upgraded, you gain access to multiple floors and upgraded export and publication settings.

To compare the subscriptions for individuals (basic, plus & pro) and companies (teams, business & enterprise) see Floorplanners website.

This course is made using a Pro and Teams account. 

menu differences basic, plus & company accounts


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