New redesign for Floorplanner

18 January 2021 – Floorplanner launched a new redesign for its dashboard and editor. A lot has changed. But 99% of the changes are purely to the user interface (UI). This means the buttons look different or are located somewhere new. The tools still work in the same way, however!

Why did Floorplanner opt for a new user interface?

Let me compare it to clearing out your wardrobe. When you first get the wardrobe, you fill it with all your clothes in an orderly manner. You often have space to spare. As the years go by, you put more and more things in your wardrobe. The once well-organized wardrobe starts to fill up, the layout no longer makes sense and it takes time to find things. It’s time to clear out your wardrobe and rearrange everything. Once you’ve done that, you can find all your clothes quickly and easily.

Floorplanner has created many new features in recent years. The new features have all been given a place in the dashboard or editor. But not everything had a logical location. It was becoming increasingly difficult for users to navigate the landscape of buttons and tools. That’s been solved with the new interface.

The new interface also provides space for all the new features that Floorplanner will be rolling out in the future.

Roadmap from the old UI to the 2021 UI

We made a roadmap for old-UI users to get you started in the new user interface.

Where to find the dashboard main menu items in the new-look Floorplanner?

For Floorplanner basic (pay-as-you-go) accounts.

For Floorplanner pro accounts.

Where to find the main menu items from the editor in the new-look Floorplanner?

Where to find the active design menu in the new-look Floorplanner?

This is where you can rotate, mirror and duplicate your plan.

Where to find ‘Design settings’ in the new-look Floorplanner?

You’ll find ‘Light Settings’ and the ‘product list’ (renamed ‘Items in Design’) under ‘Design settings’. The product list is an overview of all the library elements used in the design.

Where to find the ‘Project menu’ in the new-look Floorplanner?

This was the one of the best-hidden gems in Floorplanner.  All the best tools were tucked away behind the ‘Kebab’ menu (the three-dot menu). Now, these features are much easier to find.

Where to find ‘Download FML’ in the new-look Floorplanner?

This feature really needed a new place. This was one of the most frequently asked questions from my open training students after their course. Paid account users can download an FML file in one go with the other images when using the quick export tool. You can find the ‘quick export tool’ under ‘Project details’. Next, select ‘Edit details’.

If you can’t find a tool in the new Floorplanner dashboard or editor, feel free to ask me!

Happy Floorplanning!


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