Floorplanner Basic vs. Plus vs. Pro Accounts

If you are self-employed, Floorplanner offers you the choice between a Basic, a Plus, or a Pro account. In other words, you can choose between a free, a cheap, and a more expensive subscription.

More drawing features become available as you purchase a more expensive subscription. Below the features per account type are listed.

Full editor functionality

Basic Plus Pro

All subscription types let you access the full editor. The editor is where you draw your floor plans. With a free account, you can draw floor plans that are equally beautiful compared to a paid account.

What is the difference compared to paid accounts when using the editor?

Paid accounts have features that make you draw faster.

Full library

Basic Plus Pro

All subscription types let you access the full library. After you draw your floor plan, you can decorate it with all kinds of items such as sofas, tables, kitchens, curtains, and rugs. But also paintings, vases, computers, TVs, plants, trees, people, animals, and fitness equipment. Look and you will find.

On its website, Floorplanner writes that its library holds more than 150,000 items. Knowing that they add new items weekly, 200,000 items seem to be a more realistic number to me.

Exports images in 2D & 3D

Basic Plus Pro

Each of the account types allows you to export 2D and 3D images. Additionally, paid accounts will enable you to choose from various image quality levels by default.

So with a free project, you can export 2D and 3D images from a basic account. The quality is SD-quality (960 x 540 pixels). The resolution of an SD-quality image is too low to present on Funda. You can export the images in SD and HD quality using a paid account. HD quality is good enough for Funda.

You can upgrade a free project so that you can also export HD-quality images. Read more about this in the Credits section.

While the paid accounts let you create several floor plans and artist impressions in rapid succession, this is not possible with a free account. With a free account, you will have to wait for 10 minutes before you can create your next image.


Basic Plus Pro

Floorplanners version on moodboards. Each of the account types allows you to use and export styleboards.

A moodboard is a collection of photos, images, materials and text that is intended to evoke a particular style of an interior.

In Floorplanner, these moodboards are a digital collage. So no messing around with scissors and glue. In these styleboards you can use all items, colors and materials from the Floorplanner library. And you can upload photos!

Exporting images without timelock

Basic Plus Pro

This is the first benefit of a paid account.

With the Plus and Pro accounts, the waiting time between subsequent 2D and 3D renders has been removed. You can create multiple 2D floor plans, multiple 3D floor plans, and multiple artist impressions in rapid succession.

Especially when creating artist impressions, you would like to see the final result. You want to create multiple test exports and certainly don’t want to wait for 10 minutes each time. Ten minutes will then be a very long time. As a professional, this alone is worth a paid account, either a Plus or a Pro account.

List of favorite items

Basic Plus Pro

You can add your frequently-used materials, colors, and library items to your personal favorites. You can then quickly retrieve these items in any ongoing or new project. A 200,000-item library is nice but frustrating if you can’t find just that one item. Don’t think you’ll need it? A fuse box and roof window are good to have on stand-by.

Favorites are thus a timesaver for professionals.

Quick export

Basic Plus Pro

This is a must-have for real estate marketers.

In just a few clicks, you will have all files the realtor needs ready within one zip file. How convenient to have the 2D and 3D floor plans and the FML file all at once! You can then send this zip file to the realtor in no time.

You can still choose to render and export images individually. The quick export option is an additional feature.

Custom templates (with your logo)

Basic Plus Pro

The benefits that only apply to the Pro account start here.

Templates allow you to standardize operations or add additional features. The following are some of the possibilities:

Add your colors and logo to the export options instead of Floorplanner’s colors and watermark. You can also set your drawing preferences for your editor here. Think of fonts. You can also add a disclaimer to every image by default.

You can set the opening image here if you work with the 3D tour option. There is also a tool that allows you to add all the images to a presentation.

There are two other major advantages of Custom templates.

Advantage: Setting canvas preferences

You can set your preferences for the 2D and 3D settings. You can adjust the drawing area to see what you prefer. So do you want to see the dimension lines or not? Furniture in color or black and white? Should the lights be on or off by default? Floorplanner offers you many possibilities. Using a template, you can start drawing immediately instead of manually adjusting all your settings for every project.

This is yet another timesaver for professionals.

Advantage: Set the wall’s top color

This is an excellent feature for interior designers and interior stylists.

The wall’s top color is black by default for 2D and 3D floor plans. If you are designing an interior with soft colors, black walls may be much too harsh-looking for your design. The Custom templates tool allows you to change the wall’s top color to any color you want. You can select one wall color in 2D and one in 3D. If you need multiple colors, you can configure multiple templates.

Roomtype sets

Basic Plus Pro

This is a feature you want to have as a real estate marketer. But also as an interior stylist.

With Roomtype sets, you can rapidly add colors and function names to all floors in the floor plan. With one click, you can color and name the living room, for example, naming it LR. Floorplanner includes several default Roomtype sets. You can create your own sets using a Pro account.

As an interior stylist, you can work with this differently. Floorplanner adds a kind of orange-brown color to every room you draw. This is not really justified in terms of style 😊. As an interior designer, you often draw the entire floor first, then design the requested spaces. You want to give the surrounding spaces a light color and function names. You can do so rapidly using the Roomtype set configured by you.


Basic Plus Pro

With this tool, you can recreate an existing space and reuse it in other projects. You can make a selection of furniture, accessories, and materials that fit together nicely and then save them as a Roomstyle. Using Magic Layout, you can then apply the Roomstyle to any room with a single click.

Combined with Magic Layout, this saves an enormous amount of time. As a real estate marketer, you can now draw a fully furnished home with the furniture you like within minutes. A designer can accumulate reusable collections for new projects or explore different styles within a few clicks.


Floorplanner’s business model is that they make money selling credits. If you purchase a subscription, you will get a fixed number of credits per month or year.

In addition to subscription levels, you also have project levels. With a Basic account, a project is assigned to level 1. With any paid account, a project starts at level 2. You can raise an individual project level by paying with credits.

A higher project level gives it more export options.

The export options are the ways you can present your project. The higher the project level, the higher the digital image quality and the more opportunities to interactively present your project.

So why would you even buy a paid account?

Buying credits without an account is more expensive than buying them with a paid account. You can increase your export options, but those handy extra Plus and Pro options remain unavailable with a Basic account.

Subscription discount

When purchasing a Floorplanner course, Bonstaete offers you a €50 cashback on your first year using a Pro account. 

In conclusion

If you are a real estate marketer, you need a Floorplanner Pro account. A Pro account has all the tools that help you draw fast.

Interior stylists can consider whether they think the select number of benefits are worth purchasing a Plus or Pro account. Think about coloring the top parts of the walls and the room type set that allows you to give the floors a light color and denomination quickly.

Happy Floorplanning!


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